WordStar for Windows


All versions of WordStar for Windows appear for sale from time-to-time, but unless you want to run it on Windows 3.0, or you're a collector, it is recommended that you only buy WordStar for Windows 2.0.

Free Downloads

Forget it! No version of WordStar for DOS or for Windows, is legally available for free download from anywhere! Don't waste your time asking for a free copy because you won't get one.


WordStar for Windows went out of production in 1994. Since then the company that last produced the program, SoftKey International, has been involved in several mergers. All versions of WordStar are currently owned by The Learning Company (TLC).

Due to the age of the program, and the time lapse since it was last sold by Softkey international, TLC have withdrawn most of the support material from their own Web site. Most of the WordStar for windows support used to be provided by Softkey via the Compuserve WordStar forum, but this is now solely a WordStar user's group.


WordStar for Windows documentation, and how-to guides


WordStar for Windows Macros

WordStar for Windows Support. Includes the FAQ