The text below is taken from the original Softkey (then owners of WordStar for Windows) release announcement (WSWIN2.WRI) for WordStar for Windows 2.0.

Note: The program is no-longer available except on the second user or surpless market; also note that the contact number and pricing details no-longer apply.


Introducing WordStar for Windows 2.0

WordStar for Windows 2.0 (WSWin) is now shipping in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. With the combined power of sophisticated word processing and powerful layout, WSWin is the only product you‘ll need to create elegant and distinguished documents.

New Features in WSWin 2.0:

  • WSWin now allows you to open and edit multiple documents at the same time. You can work with as many as sixteen documents at once, depending on your system.

  • Drag and drop editing allows you to select text in one location and drag it with the mouse to a new location, even into another WSWin document. With “smart marking,” you‘ll never have to worry about extra spaces around words when you drag and drop to move or copy the text. You can also use drag and drop to move or copy graphics or tables to different documents.

  • You‘ll want to use drag and drop with the new clip art that comes with WSWin 2.0. Over 100 ready-to-use images appropriate for both business and personal use are provided. With your mouse you can drop the images right into your own documents!

  • MailList for Windows keeps track of your address book and other data. You can create databases for your home video collection, mailing lists, and other important information. MailList provides built-in support for printing labels, envelopes, and simple reports. You can use WSWin to create form letters that incorporate the fields from your MailList databases.

  • A powerful macro system is included with WSWin 2.0. You can record your actions and increase your productivity by replaying them over and over. When you are ready to increase your word processing power, you can write your own macros with the WSWin macro editor and debugger. You can even create dialog boxes to provide interaction between the user and your macro. It‘s as easy as drawing boxes on the screen! The StarBASIC programming language allows you to access all the features in WSWin.

    Many features were added to WSWin 2.0 using the macro system, including smart typographic quotes, fill-in-the-blank templates, word and paragraph count, and shorthand—so you can insert formatted text into your document with just a few keystrokes.

  • New pop-up menus appear when you click the right mouse button. These pop-up menus are located right where you are working and make it easy to access frequently-used commands. The commands on the pop-up menus change depending on what you are doing, so you are never far away from just the right feature.

  • WSWin also provides a customizable toolbox where you can add buttons for the features you use often and for macros you create. The toolbox can be attached to the main window, or you can leave it floating on screen. You can even display text on the buttons to help you remember what they do.

  • Now, you can change the keystrokes for any command, or you can add keystrokes to the commands you use. Keystroke sets for WordStar for DOS and WordStar 2000 users, as well as keystrokes that match other Windows applications, are still available. With customizable keystrokes, you can create a new keystroke set so that WSWin works like the word processor you used to use!

  • A rich online help system makes learning and using WSWin a snap. The help contains graphics with built-in hotspots that you can click to learn more. You can still get help on specific commands by pressing F1 when a dialog box is displayed, or by pressing Shift+F1 and selecting a command from a menu.

  • Other improvements in WSWin 2.0: faster spell checking, improved find and replace, a list of recently-used files on the File menu, automatic variables to place the time, date, or filename in your documents, a snap-to grid that simplifies placing frames on the page, and saved editing position when you open your documents.

Of course, the list of features does not stop there. Many of WSWin’s other features include:

  • Support for importing many different file formats for text, graphics, and tables.

  • Multiple story lines, for creating newsletters and brochures. You can link frames together, even from page 2 to page 99! Object linking and embedding.

  • Font support, including TrueType, PostScript, and Intellifont. You can format text from 1 to 792 points, in .1-point increments.

  • Floating frames that move as you add or modify text. Integrated drawing tools, with support for line styles, fill pattern and color, and rotation. You can even rotate text!

  • Paragraph styles that support widow and orphan control, automatic hyphenation, drop caps, bullets, and automatic numbering. Paragraph styles give you control over line spacing, alignment, lines and boxes around paragraphs, text color, and text appearance.

  • Frame styles that allow you to change the appearance of multiple frames with a single command. You can add borders, change colors, or modify the margins of all the frames that use the same frame style.

  • Tables with expandable cells, resizable dividers, and support for different line styles and fill colors.

  • Running headers and footers, including on alternating pages. You can even automatically include text on the page in a header or footer, such as the words you see in a dictionary or encyclopedia!

  • On-screen tab ruler for modifying tab stops, alignment, and leader characters.

  • Changeable zoom level from 25% to 200%, with full editing capabilities at any level.

  • Captions that stay attached to frames, graphics, and tables.

  • Table of contents, indexes, and table of authorities, figures, and other lists.

  • Footnotes, including support for maximum footnote size, custom dividing line, and automatic text that appears when footnotes must be split across pages.

  • Bookmarks and references for automatic cross referencing of text and page numbers.

  • And much more!

With its powerful word processing and desktop publishing capabilities, WSWin would be an excellent value if it sold for the same price as the other word processing programs. However, it is available now for only $99.95! For that price, you can‘t afford not to try the most powerful and exciting new Windows word processor! If you are not completely satisfied, return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

If you already own an earlier version of WordStar for Windows, WordStar for DOS, WordStar 2000, or NBI Legacy, you can upgrade to WSWin 2.0 for only $39.95.

For more information, call 1-800-227-5609.