When trying to install WordStar 3.x the installation fails with a "Too Little Memory" error message. The PC has more than 512Kb of RAM fitted.


WordStar 3.3 was written for machines with around 128Kb of RAM. The install routine uses a signed compare to check for memory and will fail if you have MORE THAN 512kB (even though it says "not enough" you actually have too much).


  • Make a backup of your installation disk!
  • Using the backup, copy the program from your DOS directory onto the installation disk.
  • At the DOS prompt type the text in below, pressing Return after each line:

    - E2D4
    - W
    - Q

    You will be returned to the operating system and will be ready to run the installation.

Applicability to other versions of WordStar & other MicroPro programs

  • Later versions of WordStar - version 4 onwards do not have this problem.
  • CalcStar, StarIndex, and FormSort may have similar problems. Download the details in text format from here.