The Template Macro (template.xmc) provided with Xoom Word Pro for Windows 1.0 is not Y2K compliant.

The template macro program (template.xmc) only uses dates for its calender function. If you don't use the calender or use the date functions in template.xmc for your own macro programs these problems will not affect you.

Description of Y2K Problems

  1. The template macro assumes dates of less than 80 are in the 21st century and that dates of greater than or equal to 80 are in the 20th century giving valid date ranges of 1980 - 1999 and 2000 - 2079.

  2. The calender titles are correct for the years 1980-1999 and 2010-2079, but for years between 2000 - 2009 the calander titles will show 200 to 209, i.e., there is a zero missing from the tens digit of the year numbers. This is due to single-digit year numbers not being padded to two digits to correctly make the four-digit full year number.

  3. The template may also produce incorrect dates following 31st December 1999.


There is a new version of the template.wmc file that was corrected by Mark Fishman and tested from the early 1700s to 2049 by Philip Griffin-Allwood. The new version of template.wmc should be used to replace the one supplied with Xoom Word Pro for Windows 1.0. The replacement file is available for download using the following link - Zip file (7Kb)

Installing the corrected template

  1. Back-up the original template.wmc file from the C:\XOOM\XOOMWORD\MACROS directory (folder).

  2. Download the file using the link above and save it in a temporary directory on your hard disk. Save a copy of this file in case you ever need to reinstall Xoom Word Pro for Windows.

  3. Unzip the template.wmc file contained in the Zip archive and copy it into the C:\XOOM\XOOMWORD\MACROS directory.