This article discusses WordStar for Windows' Y2K compliance.

Compliance Statement

WordStar for Windows version 2.0 has the following three known Y2K problems:

  • The template macro (template.wmc)
  • The Insert | System variable | Date mail merge variable
  • The Insert | System variable | Date as Text

Will these problems affect you?

That all depends on whether or not you use these features.

  1. If you use the calendar Template then the template macro problem will affect you.

  2. If you use mail merge with date variables, or two digit year numbers, then the date merge problem will affect you.

    1. WordStar for Windows will report the century as 19xx.

    2. Two digit years lower than 10 will not have the leading zero.

    Inserting the date as text will show the same effects.


To provide the maximum level of Y2K compliance you should apply three corrections, as detailed below. WordStar for Windows 2.0 will still not be fully Y2K compliant, but the corrections detailed should allow you to work-around the remaining issues.

Article Q1027 describes a replacement for the template macro.

Article Q1028 describes a patch for WSWIN.DLL that overcomes most of the insert date Y2K problems. This patch will not correct for the missing leading zero for two-digit year numbers inserted as text. To overcome this problem you should also see article Q1029.

Article Q1029 describes a work-around for the date variable - by inserting it as static text. This is the only way to completely correct the date inserted as text Y2K problem. This work-around involves the use of a macro program, the installation of which is described in the article. Further details of the macro are in articles Q1033, which also includes a screen shot of the macro in use, and in article Q1034, which contains the macro program release notes.

Article Q1038 describes a second work-around for the date variable - also by inserting it as static text. This macro is simplest than that described above, but also has less functions and will need to be modified to suit your preferred date format.