After moving the WordStar for Windows Toolbar (Toolbox) it disappeared off the screen. The Toolbox is set to be visible in the View menu.


The Toolbox's position co-ordinates have placed it outside the viewable area of the WordStar for Windows screen.


There are two possible ways to return the Toolbox to its normal position:

  1. If your screen isn't running at its maximum resolution, try changing your display settings so that you can see more on the screen. This may be sufficient to bring the Toolbox back into view.

  2. If changing the screen resolution isn't possible, or it doesn't help, you will need to edit the WordStar for Windows initialisation file, wsw.ini, as follows:

    1. Using Windows File Manager or Windows Explorer:

      1. Change to your Windows directory (folder), this is normally C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT

      2. Locate the file named wsw.ini

      3. Double-click the file to open it in your default text editor, normally Windows Notepad.

    2. Search for the word Buttonbar

    3. You'll find about 5 occurrences in all. The one you want is the one that is in a line that doesn't start with a semi-colon and is probably the forth one you'll come too. Just above this should be a description of its settings.

    4. The standard docked at top values will be similar to the line below:

      Buttonbar=DockedAtTop 348 348 1440 720 NotDocked

    5. If you change whatver you have in this line to these values the toolbar should re-appear.

      If you've got your frame bar docked at the top you can copy the co-ordinates from this as they should be the same - this will be on the next line.

    6. Save the changes and exit Notepad.

    7. Restart WordStar for Windows and the Toolbox should now be docked at the top of the window.