WordStar for windows shipped before Word for Windows 6.0 was released. Word for Windows 6.0 had a different file format to its predecessor, Word for Windows 2.0.

To allow WordStar for Windows to open Word for Windows 6.0 documents Softkey (the then owners of WordStar for Windows 2.0) released a beta version of a Word for Windows 6.0 import filter. This filter was never completed and no export option became available.

Word for Windows 6.0 Import Filter

Download the Word for Windows 6.0 import filter using the following link: WD6FLT.EXE (Self-extracting Zip file (92Kb)

Using the Import Filter

  1. Once the file has been downloaded, copy it into a temporary directory (folder) on your hard disk.
  2. Double-click on the WD6FLT.EXE file to extract the import filter (W4w49f.dll) and a text file (Readme.txt) contained in the Zip archive.

    The Readme.txt file contains the installation instructions and important notes about use of the import filter.