Some wheel mouse drivers don't provide all the signals necessary for older software to recognise the wheel function.


One solution is to try different brands of wheel-mice. Reports indicate that the problem only occurs with Microsoft wheel-mice and that Logitech versions work correctly.

 If changing the mouse doesn't help, or isn't a practical solution you can try the SmartWheel program. This program was developed especially to overcome this type of problem.


Note: The SmartWheel mouse utility may interfere with programs that recognise the wheel function using your standard driver. If you experience such effects you should disable the utility before using these programs and re-enable it again when using WordStar for Windows.

The producers of the SmartWheel utility have withdrawn it from sale because of the number of support calls they received due to the above problem. There is no support for this utility, which is posted on this site free of charge with the kind permission of the original authors. If they are contacted for support after downloading the program from this site that permission may be withdrawn! Do Not contact the original authors if you experience problems - uninstalll the SmartWheel utility and return to working in WordStar for Windows without the wheel function or try a different brand of wheel-mouse.