^ON is listed on the Onscreen Commands Help screen (^JO) but doesn't work. The command is not listed in the Commands.txt file supplied with the program, and this should be used as the official commands reference list.

The ^ON command may be added later as it combines several of Word's 'note' commands into a single dialog screen - Word does not support three-letter command sequences so ^OND, etc., would not work.

If you want access to the Footnote/Endnote dialog in Word you can add the command ^ON, to open that screen, to either your template, or to the Add-In. Adding it to the latter will mean that other users of your copy of Word that don't use the WordStar Command Emulator won't get confused when ^O no-longer gives the File Open dialog!

To add the command ^ON follow the steps below (described for Word 2000):

Note: if your WordStar Command Emulator Add-In file is not called you will have to substitute the name that is used below:

  1. Click Utilities, then click Customize
  2. Click the Keyboard button, then change the Save changes in option to
  3. Select the Insert category
  4. Select the Insert Footnote Command, then in in the Type new command box type ^ON, then click Assign
  5. Click Close, then click Close again.
  6. When you close Word click Yes to the Save changes to the Emulator Add-In file.

^ON will now open the Footnote/Endnote dialog.