If one of the WordStar files is corrupted or accidentally deleted a new copy can be installed without doing a complete reinstallation of WordStar. This guide tells you how to restore a single file.

The disks in the WordStar package are compressed, so if you need to re-instal a single file from the installation disks you will need to decompress it from the appropriate disk. This can be done by following the instructions below.

File Recovery

  1. Insert Disk 1 of your WordStar installation disks into Floppy Drive A
  2. If you are working in Windows open a MS DOS-Prompt window from the Start menu Accessories for Windows 3.x & 9.x, or Command Prompt window from the Start menu All Programs, Accessories menu for Windows NT, 2000, & XP.
  3. In DOS or the the DOS shell window type: A: and press ENTER
  4. At the A:> prompt, type copyws a: c:\ws filename, where filename is the name of the file you want to decompress; then press ENTER. Note: If WordStar is not installed in C:\WS you will need to modify this part of the command.
  5. The program will tell you which disk it needs to obtain the compressed file from. Insert the disk as instructed and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the decompression.

Decompress WordStar File