WordStar Included ISBN 0-553-37174-6 (soft covers) by Tom Rugg & Werner Feibel and published by Bantam Books in 1993 .

The book provides a tutorial on installation, use of, and macros within WordStar 7. In addition it contains a single 3.5" floppy containing the core WordStar 7.0C program (the full 7.0D version takes 10 low density 3.5" floppy disks).


The differences between the TextBook Edition and the Full Retail version are (from the book WordStar Included):

Thus, as long as you don't need fax, mail merge, file conversion, or graphics functions; can live without print preview; don't need special display options; aren't too worried about tweaking the program; and can output to a HP LaserJet compatible printer, or PostScript (from which you can create Adobe Acrobat files) it does everything the full version does.

Buying WordStar Included

The WordStar Included book is often listed at major book sellers, such as: Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble; However, it is unlikely that they will still have stocks. A search of second-hand book stores should yead a copy.

Other sources of supply include the eBay on-line auctions where this book appears for sale quite frequently, although often not under its correct title! The eBay link provided will look for the book or program no matter what the seller titled his auction as.