This list only shows the WordMaster Video mode commands; WordStar didn't have a Command mode. See WordMaster Command Summary (Command Mode) for WordMaster Command mode commands.


Cursor left character ^H ^S
Cursor right character ^L ^D
Cursor down line ^J ^X
Cursor up line ^K ^E
Cursor left word ^A ^A
Cursor right word ^D ^F
Cursor right tab stop ^Z  
Cursor beginning/end of line ^B ^QS/^QD
Cursor top/bottom of screen ^^ ^QE/^QX
Scroll down one line ^E ^W
Scroll up one line ^X ^Z
Scroll down one screen ^C ^C
Scroll up on screen ^R ^R
Insertion on/off ^F ^V
Delete character left Del Del
Delete character right ^G ^G
Delete word left ^\  
Delete word right ^O ^T
Delete line left ^U ^QDel
Delete line right ^P ^QY
Delete entire line ^Y ^Y
Tab ^I ^I
Insert CR ^N ^N
Insert CR or go to next line CR CR
Repeat four times ^W  
Put in file even if ctrl ^]  
IMSAI VIO control ^V  
Leave video mode Esc  


The ^H, ^L, ^J, ^K scroll commands of WordMaster come from the ADM-3A terminal, which had the equivalent arrows printed on these keys.

WordStar's early development used ^A, ^S, ^Z, ^W for Left, Right, Down, and Up, but these were later moved one key to the right to allow ^A to be reassigned to Word Left, and ^F then became Word Right.