These converters expand the basic set provided with Microsoft Word, adding support for importing all WordStar DOS versions (except for WordStar 2000) and for WordStar for Windows. Export filters also cover WordStar DOS versions 4 and 7, and WordStar for Windows. These work with Word for Windows 95 and later.

In Dec 2003 Microsoft stated that the file converter packs for all versions of Office prior to Office 2003 had been discontinued and were no longer available. The Office 2003 Converter Pack did not list a WordStar filter, and this has been the case ever since.

However, all is not lost. The WordStar converter from the Office 97, 2000, and XP Converter Pack is still available from Microsoft's ftp site, and in the downloads section of the WordStar Resource Site

There are some problems with the import filters, in that they sometimes don't actually import the file. This can occur with varying source file sizes, but if you experience the problem of Word saying it's importing the file but you ending up with nothing, close Word and then break your WordStar file into smaller parts and try again.

File conversion information is provided in the WordStar file conversion section of the WordStar Resource Site.