Swap Ctrl & Caps Lock keys

Ctrl2Cap by Sysinternals, now part of Microsoft, changes the function of the Caps Lock key into a Ctrl key in Windows NT4 and NT5 (2000), The original version of the utility left the original Ctrl key dead unlike most utilities which change that into a Caps Lock, it isn't known whether this is still the case with version 2.0 of the program. Version 2.0 added an install and uninstall function. The program is available free of charge from Microsoft Tech Net.

CtrlPlus by Yoji Hagiya will swap the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys in Windows there are versions for Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

CtrlPus is shareware, but is worth its small US$10 registration fee because it not only swaps the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys, it also adds WordStar navigation keys to Word's menus, something that cannot be programmed from within Word and so compliments the WordStar Command Emulator.

CtrlPlus will also add basic WordStar navigation commands to all other Windows programs.

Note: this may conflict with key combinations used within those programs. Therefore, this feature can be turned on and off should it cause problems.

CtrlPlus downloads are ctrlplus for Windows 98 and cp2kv106 for Windows 2000.

Remapper XP is a free utility, written by EuroFONT, that allows the Ctrl and Caps Lock keys to be swapped on Windows NT, 2000, and XP. It also adds a function to set the Left Alt key or Windows key to behave as an AltGr key, which many keyboards are now missing. You can download Remapper XP from the downloads section of The WordStar Resource Site.