This is part of the Windows 95 Kernel Toys set. The Remap utility also works with Windows 98, and Windows Me.

The program hasn't been tested with other versions of Windows, so use it with anything other than Windows 95, 98, or Me, at your own risk.

The Keyboard Remap utility is supplied as part of a set of tools written by the Microsoft Kernel programming team released as The Windows 95 Kernel Power Toys. This is a self-extracting Zip file, which you can open in WinZip, or your favourite Zip tool, instead of running the downloaded file, if you prefer.


Note: This utility is ideal for swapping the Caps Lock and Left Ctrl keys if you're a WordStar user and still using Windows 95, 98, or Me. The utilities are free. Use of any of the other utilities in the set is at your own risk.